I believe that music has the power to break boundaries and overcome distances between people. Carolina Palomo

Música en las Aldeas

Música en las Aldeas (MELA)

Música en las Aldeas is a non-profit organization, founded and lead by Carolina Palomo, harpsichord player.
MELA is founded to offer music education to talented children and youngsters, regardless of their financial situation. The target group is children and youngsters between 6 and 20 yeas old, living in retarded circumstances. The projects are realized in Antigua, Guatemala-City and surrounding villages.
MELA is founded in 2014 and is situated in the village San Gaspa Vivar. At this moment there are 5 teachers and 30 students. A few students have their own private sponsor.
The children can choose which lessons they want to follow: violin, piano, guitar, percussion, vocal techniques or audio recording technique. Music theory and training of musical skills belong to the standard lessons. As well as the participation in the choir and in ensembles.
Students have to follow the lessons during 4 hours per week and they can use the school facilities. Some students get an instrument to loan for free.
Música en las Aldeas student

Música en las Aldeas student

The future of MELA

MELA has been successful already a few years. The deteriorating economic situation has also consequences regrettable for the functioning of MELA, meaning there is less and less possible. At a certain moment, this will result possibly in the need to finish the MELA-project, unless there comes money from other resources.
During his staying in Guatemala end his guest lessons at MELA in 2015, Israel Castillo Hernandez decided because of this and the importance and meaning of this school for so many people, to adopt the Mela-project as a Solo for All project.