If we are to hope for a society of culturally literate people, music must be a vital part of our children’s education. Yo Yo Ma

Solo for All, privé soloconcert ter ondersteuning van muziekonderwijs in Guatemala

Short introduction Solo for All project

Our project Solo for All is a series of instrumental solo concerts in the intimacy of your living room. We provide the music and we ask you to invite your own guests, friends, neighbours and colleagues to share a special moment.
While you enjoy your private tailor-made concert in a familiar environment, you support the music education of indigenous children in Guatemala.

For more background information, see About Solo for All

The earnings of the Solo for All concerts are used for fair payment of the musicians, for the support we give to schools in Guatemala and a very small part for the production costs of the concerts.

A drop into the ocean
Supporting music education in Latin-America

Scientific research has proved that making music has a positive influence on abstract and analytical thinking and on the memory and the IQ of children. Besides that, group awareness, discipline and social and emotional skills are stimulated and strengthened.
While support for cultural education is rather common in Western-Europe, the majority of projects of music education for children in Latin-America lacks support from governments and depend on private money to keep their efforts alive.
Our project is just a drop of water in the big ocean, but we believe we can help to make a change.
The Solo for All project has started with giving financial support to two schools in Guatemala. Both schools find music education essential for children, but they need financial support. For more information about the adopted schools, click here.