Music in the soul can
be heard by the universe
. Lao Tzu

Solo for All, the base and the background

Solo for All, base and background

Initiator of Solo for All is Israel Castillo Hernandez. He is born in Mexico-City in an indigenous family. His father belongs to the Zapotec community, one of the many indigenous groups in Mexico.
Although the family lived on a big distance from Juchitan Oaxaca, the birthplace of his father, the community values of the indigenous roots, were the base for the education of the children. Values that play a big role for Israel in his projects and his work. These values are also the base for the Solo for All project.

You are other me Maya salute

The Zapotecs survived the colonization by Spain by following a strategy of syncretism. They adapted their culture partly to the Spanish colonialists, but kept their own values intact.
For the Zapotecs was and is ‘respect’ the keyword.
Respect for other people is one of the most important values of their culture. No matter if it is about women, elder people, children or homosexuals. Every individual deserves respect.
Respect for the community by contributing.
Respect for life, by recognizing death.
Respect for nature and environment.
Respect means also taking responsibility. For the family, the community, for elder people and children who are dependent, for social life and for environment.

Music is the universal language of mankind. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Living in the Netherlands, in a totally different environment and a different culture than the one he grew up in, Israel wants to initiate projects in both continents. Projects to create a connection, that is enriching for Dutch ànd for Latin-American participants of the Solo for All project.

The one that has the most, gives the most. Zapotec verb

Israel got the chance to follow his heart and to study music. First at the conservatorium in Mexico-City, later on the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague in the Netherlands, where he graduated in 2008.
The indigenous values he was raised with, are the reason why Israel wants to give something back to the community, in return for the chances Mexico as well as the Netherlands, have given him.
Israel knows how important it is that children get the chance to encounter music and music instruments. He knows from own experience how that probably can change their life. To make it possible that more children get similar chances like he had, Israel has chosen to ‘adopt’ music lessons in 2 schools in Guatemala. Following one of the important Zapotec values, by doing this. The one that has the most, gives the most.

Guelaguetza. Contribution to community

The Solo for All project is one of those connections, which are enrichening for participants in the Netherlands as well as in Guatemala.
The Solo for All project unites people.
In the Netherlands, by giving solo concerts in living rooms. The ‘home’ of the host and/or hostess. They open their house for guests to enjoy together the intimate concert and the personal contact.
By doing that, they make it possible that children in a country very far away, get chances in life. Chances, these children probably wouldn’t have without the Dutch hosts, enjoying music in their living room.
In Guatemala children get opportunities, that are important for their personal development and with that for the development of the whole community.